MORGUE  Jean-Luc Hennig

MORGUE Jean-Luc Hennig

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Presentation of the product

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Published by Vertical | phase deux – 2007 – France

14 x 20,5 cm – 544 pages - Black and white - Softcover

Investigation about cadavers and its uses
"The morgue is the city below. The boulevard of the news stories. The administration of its violence, its suicides and its suspicions. Metropolitan death, disfigured death. Morgues, that’s all. From Paris to New York, from forensic institutes to hospitable deposits, it is the same tenacity of the corpse. Colored and silent. Between the police buses, the sirens and the flashing lights, the purple pump and the tools of the autopsy boys. "
Jean-Luc Hennig captures this imaginary territory with minute interviews, extracts from archives, in situ reportages and portraits that are overwhelming, tasty or glacial. In other words, as a crazy, sensualist materialist no less refined, he restores to us the decors, gestures, rituals, traffics, odors, reveries, phobias, follies that haunt these workers of the afterlife."