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FLECHEMULLER - 1983-1987
FLECHEMULLER - 1983-1987
FLECHEMULLER - 1983-1987

FLECHEMULLER - 1983-1987

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Presentation of the product

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Published in 500 ex by Eric Linard Editions - 1987 - France 
Paperboard box – 25 postcards – color - matte coated paper 250g       
19 x 14 cm   

When asked about influences, Flèchemuller is quick to express his preference: "Between the two, Picabia is definitely the name more than Duchamp, because of the anarchist idea. Also the idea of being able to change every day because your mood changes, and you have the right to do everything."  Flèchemuller’s straightforward handling of paint is light, and shows facility without being finicky or technically overbearing. This seeming ease belies a skill that is hard won, and a proficiency that knows when and where to bolster a passage or enhance a detail for effect. The paintings are rife with sexual innuendoes, pictorial double entendres, and adult attributes grafted onto children or animals. The palette is mostly neutral tones with myriad shades of gray that one might see in poorly preserved photos. We can say: all work and no play makes this artist a dull boy, and finally, you can only work so hard then it’s time to work smart, and smart should be fun.



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