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KRIEGHALLEN - Collective
KRIEGHALLEN - Collective
KRIEGHALLEN - Collective
KRIEGHALLEN - Collective
KRIEGHALLEN - Collective

KRIEGHALLEN - Collective

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Presentation of the product

Presentation of the product

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Published by Timeless - 2014 - France
30 x 40 cm - 32 pages in black and grey - Soft cover

KRIEGHALLEN curated by Valnoir (Metastazis design studio) :
a collective effort paying tribute to the legendary albums that were recorded in Grieghallen studio, Bergen, Norway, in the 90’s.
This 32 pages oversized (30 x40 cm) book gathers 20 nostalgic artists from all over the world.
Nostalgic from a time time when Norwegian Black Metal didn’t need to be trve to be true, but also dangerous, controversial, mysterious, worshipped by a few and despised by the rest, unlike the pathetic circus that we’re all witness of nowadays.

The line-up consists in :

Jeremy Hannigan
Cloven Hoov
Sin Eater
View From The Coffin
Funeral French
Daniel Corcuera
Maks Pathologikal
Dehn Sora
Gozer Visions
Sindre Foss Skancke
Dale Nason
Seldon Hunt
Manuel Tinnemans
Riton la Mort
Business for Satan
Flog Diver
Dale Nason

Limited To 300 copies (250 availalble to public only)

Attention : this a huge book which means a huge packet so may be it will not fit at all your mailbox. So please: - provide a safe adress for delivery
- keep an eye open for the postman
- or warn him to deliver a card during your absence saying the packet is waiting for you at your local post office. 

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