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TRAIT - Vladimir Velickovic
TRAIT - Vladimir Velickovic
TRAIT - Vladimir Velickovic
TRAIT - Vladimir Velickovic

TRAIT - Vladimir Velickovic

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Presentation of the product

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Published by Timeless - 2013 - France

30 x 30 cm - 200 pages in black and red - Hard cover

Timeless Edition is proud to present through this oversized luxuous book the unreleased drawings of serbian artist Vladimir Velickovic. According to our current catalogue it is pretty unusual for us to publish great contemporary artists but V. Velickovic is one of the rarest to fit one hundred percent to our editorial choice and to our specific conception of art.

Nightmarish, the work of  Vladimir Velickovic reflects the miserable fate of the flesh. Death, human cruelty, decay are recurring themes. Landscapes of desolation, sometimes overloaded of distressing details. The fear is palpable.  In the same way, the color range is reduced, amplifying the apocalyptic vision of the body.

Velickovic bestiary speak for itself : rats, eagles, vultures, hyenas, wolves, ravens, pitbulls hungry for human flesh  - the long parade of scavengers, corpse eaters or diseases emissaries .
Moreover, we recognize in his art, style similarities with another great painter of the twentieth century also great witness of human suffering, Francis Bacon. We also think of the war paintings of Goya or, closer to us, those of Otto Dix. A lifetime to paint suffering, death, blood, arbitrariness, unsustainable permanence of barbarism.

Layout and forewords by Alin Alexis Avila

limited to 300 copies. 

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