DOUVE DU FOIE 3000 – Collective


Published by Le Mat – 2017 – France 20 x 20 cm – 56 pages in colours – Soft cover Silksreened cover – limited to 160 copies Douve du Foie 3000 is a parasite that has gnawed thirteen artists for three long years. From their ingestions was born a graphzine, medley of unusual images around the liver fluke and its various hosts. It is the unusual mode of reproduction of this unicellular being that inspired the designers. It’s up to you to discover this curiosity of nature.Edition Mad Series has the initiative of Laura Samé and Nils Bertho.With:Nils Bertho, Maxime Borowski, Laura Samé, Pauline Chappet, Tino Di Santolo, Matt Konture, Sandra Verine, Hazo, Bingo, Marjo Dorowski, Karine Castelneau, Adam Stone, Ana PrPr. Biology

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