Published by Le Lézard Noir – 2011 – France

23 x 23cm – 304 pages in colours – Soft cover

French / English texts

Cavaliero’s selection picks out her favourite 50 artists from a database she has compiled of 350 artists over the last five years or so. The book’s strength is the extraordinary visual panorama it gives of the artists — by far the best collected overview of current Japanese artists, mostly based in Japan, in one volume. Cavaliero was inspired initially by the books of self-styled art cheerleader, Yumi Yamaguchi — who provides the preface here — and Cavaliero writes in a similar, enthusiastic way with great passion for the subject. The French texts throughout are also translated into English. Another key moment was when Cavaliero met and befriended the Kanazawa salt installation artist, Motoi Yamamoto. The book is rounded off with an essay by Mizuma artist Manabu Ikeda (Mizuma artists are heavily featured), and a very interesting post-Tsunami essay by curator Kenji Kubota, who points out the internationally rather overlooked importance of post-Cute/Cool Japan artists more concerned with engaging harsh and troubling current realities — for example Chim↑Pom and Ichiro Endo.

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