Published by Bijitsu Shuppan-sha – 1993 – Japan

33 x 25 cm – 120 pages in colours — Soft cover

First edition

Making dolls, strolling around, alcohol, voyage… the elegant and obscene world of Simon Yotsuya, a ball jointed doll artist.

Simon Yotsuya was born in Gotanda, Tokyo in 1944 into an artistic family – his father was a tango player and his mother was a dancer. He started making dolls as a child and visited Puppe Kawasaki, a doll maker, in his mid-teens. At the age of 17 he was temporarily apprenticed to the doll maker Yuji Mizugami. In 1965 he encountered an article introducing the ball-jointed dolls of Hans Bellmer in the magazine “Shinfujin.” This piece had an enormous impact on his art, prompting him to abandon previous methods. Having carved out his own form of expression, today Yotsuya enjoys international renown as the first ball-jointed doll maker in Japan.

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