Published by Baby Tattoo Book – 2010 – USA 18 x 25 cm – 128 pages in colours – Hardcover Foreword by Gary Baseman “a rubber duck and a bathtub used to explore the human condition – or so it says here – tired pretentious claptrap, best ignore it! – i think it’s merely a pervo photographer with a few similar fetishistic obsessions to trevor brown – most notably: black eyes! – of course i always get jumped on if i dare to suggest anyone has been inspired by (or outright copies and steals) my art – but li’l miss sticky kiss is right there in print this time, top of the “thanks to” acknowledgments (just below gary baseman actually, whoever he might be) – suck on that denialists! – the book arrived courtesy of ms hsiao herself – i suspect she’s still trying to make amends for the previous unnecessary animosity? – but it puts me in an awkward position of feeling obliged to give a glowing review here now? – and if i do that i’ll probably get slammed for some stupid “pinkerton” disposition (with regard to her sexy self-portrait) – whatever! – it’s a beautifully produced book – (and it’s not a tb rip-off!) – nerds to nurses in the bath with ducks!” Trevor Brown

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