XYZ COMICS – Robert Crumb


Published by Kitchen Sink – 1979 – USA 18 x 25cm – 28 pages in b&w – PaperbackBook Condition: Near Fine. 6th Printing.XYZ Comics —“The Last Word in Comics!”— was first published in 1972. This classic underground comic book leads off with “Cubist Be Bop Comics,” a stream-of-consciousness tour de force lasting eight-pages. “Girls, Girls, Girls” follows, Robert Crumb’s analytic look at female anatomy that results from reducio absurdem. Several short pieces featuring Bo Bo Bolinski, “Comical Comics,” Boingy Baxter, John Q. Public and the tongue-in-cheek nostalgia of “Remember Keep on Truckin’?” are followed by the autobiographical “The Many Faces of R. Crumb.” XYZ ends with Robert’s “Fuzzy the Bunny,” a thinly-disguised piece about his older brother Charles, who suffered from mental illness (as seen in the Terry Zwigoff documentary Crumb).

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