YASO – Monster & Freaks issue


Published by Yaso – 2009 – Japan 18 x 24 cm – 160 pages in colours – soft cover “Another year, another issue of the greatest magazine in the world: yaso – i’m a bit slow blogging about this one – perhaps because there’s no trevor brown in it – and i’m not excited by flavour-of-the-month ken nikai who dominates this issue and is the subject of their first related exhibition (photoshop gloss over little or no content – all very trendy nowadays sadly – even tho dave mckean did this sort of thing less boringly around two decades ago?!) – more interesting imho is the jan svankmajer inspired “fashion design” of jun takahashi – other featured artists include mari shimizu (big spread with interview), koitsukihime (as always), ray caesar (!), olaf brzeski, akimitsu naruyama, henrikku morisaki, kuniichi uno, aquirax uno, keizo miyanishi, mame yamada (dolled up on the cover) and more – all in japanese, fairly visual.”Trevor Brown

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