PIWNICA (bloody tongue design) – Aleksandra Waliszewska


Poster by Aleksandra Walisweska for an animation, based on Szczepan Twardoch’s screenplay “Piwnica” and Aleksandra Waliszewska’s paintings.

Signed and stamped by Aleksandra Walisweska

Poster size : 48 x 68 cm

The movie Piwnica (In The Cellar) came into existence as a result of the Warsaw residency of Chinese audiovisual artist of Polish-German descent, Wacław Cheng Piesel. In collaboration with Aleksandra Waliszewska and Szczepan Twardoch they explore the purposefulness of the elements that define the permanence of direct relations while drawing boundaries limited by proposition of the proposed problem. The starting point for the piece was the door of the cellar where all three artists were trapped for two days without access to the Internet, asking the questions about the essence while simultaneously fighting for their lives and struggling to keep their humanity intact.

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