Terms and Conditions

  • Shipping rates
    We are happy to announce that we seriously improved our shipping conditions by switching from (the slow and too often unsafe) classic postal service for Express Mail Service.
    Expect now delivery worldwide with no exceptions, faster (up to 3 days in Europe and 5 worldwide) and much more secure (email/sms tracking, proof of delivery, insurance).
    And while the quality service is getting better, we chose to not increase our shipping rates : they stay exactly the same.
  • If your packet doesn’t show up or broken
  1. check carefully the delay mentioned above according to the rates you paid for (if there is a tracking number or not etc..).
  2. be sure you entered the right delivery adress and that you sent us a mail if your mailing adress is different from your invoice adress.
  3. be careful of the book(s) size you ordered (each item size are precised in their description). Most are ovesized and probably won’t fit your mail box. So be sure that your post man leave a paper saying you have to pick it up at your local post office. Checking regularly the tracking of yur shipping will also help to inform you about the status of your packet.
  4. check directly at your local post office if the packet is not shelved as most postmen forget to leave a receipt. You can get more info about the location of your packet by consulting the tracking.
  5. Also Timeless Shop care a lot about packaging quality so we are not responsible of the barbaric treatment done to packets by postmen
  • Policy concerning return :

No returns are accepted even for clothing items (T-shirts etc…).



(Some books may be submited to an age statement.)

1 – By proceeding any orders and check out on TIMELESS-SHOP.COM, you certify being mature andof legal age in your country, be aware of some erotic content, and adding to that you manage to prevent minors using your computer to access TIMELESS-SHOP.COM website.

2 – By agreeing to view this site you agree:
     . Not to disclose its content or its URL to minors
     . To clear the site editor of any responsibilities for the consequences caused by browsing those pages
     . To clear the timeless-shop.com editor of any responsibilities for the contents of third party websites referenced in this section
     . To give up any legal process of any kind whatsoever to his publisher, TIMELESS EDITION / TIMELESS-SHOP.COM and its host.

  • Stock

– You can propose your zines and books (if you’re an editor or if you want to get a rid of your old stuffs) if they fit the Timeless Shop content. We do not accept consignment.

– Occasionally items will be out of stock in the store but labeled as in stock or vice versa. This is because our occasional in-store (for festival or other event) database is not linked to our website product database. That means we have to go in and manually change the website stock numbers to reflect the in-store stock numbers. The merchandise we use to fill web orders is from the very same stock we sell in the store. TIMELESS SHOP is a small store run only by a skeleton crew, so sometimes some products on our website may not get updated as promptly as we would like. That however, is the price we pay for selling the merchandise that we do, and we ask our customers to remember that although we have hundreds of items for sale, we are not a big chain outfit that has huge overstock, so items go in and out of stock, especially the independently published and small press items that which only small runs are published in the first place.