Published by Atelier Third – 2023 – Japan
16 x 22 cm – 166 pages in colour – hardcover

For Mature Audience Only

This book is a new, expanded version of the “Hidden picture of Cruelty.”
It includes 24 new pages and more color pages added.

Edited by: Toshiki Soma
Special contribution: Asaji Muroi

“Here we see the cruelty of humans blaming and torturing humans. It is depicted bare, without any beautification.”
Asaji Muroi

Includes 2 picture stories
Shizuhiro Usui “Gibbs Manufacturing Clinic”
Takashi Shiba “Mrs. Bandage”

★ Shizuhiro Usui…A mysterious painter active in the 1950s and 1950s.
★Takashi Shiba… Active in magazine such as “Kitan Club” in the 1950s and 1950s.
★Kazunori Kanze… Active in SM magazines etc. mainly in the 1970s.

★Toshiki Soma
Born in 1965. Graduated from Keio University, Faculty of Letters, Department of Philosophy, Department of Aesthetics and Art History. He is an art critic. His books include “Erotic Art and Esotericism” (2018, Edicion Treville), “The Beam of Anamnesis” (2016, Geijutsu Shinbunsha), and “Forbidden Museum of Different Races” Series 1-3 (2009-) 2010, Atelier Third), “Eros Esoderic” (2011, Atelier Third), “Terrible Darkness” (2013, Atelier Third), “Labyrinth of Demonic Japanese Erotic Art Artists” (2012) , Pot Publishing), and co-authored books such as “Illness and Art” (2022, Toshindo, includes a theory of Romene Brooks), “Logic of the Otherworld” (2011, Atelier Third, a collection of conversations with Kotaro Iizawa) , translated by Peter Webb, “Death, Desire, and Dolls: Biography of Hans Bellmer” (2021, Kokusho Kankokai).

★Asaji Muroi
From around 1965, he started posting the illustrations he drew as a boy to Kitan Club. After a long break from writing, he began publishing new works in Tokyo Sanseisha’s SM Select around 1984.
His art books include “Ainu Club” (Taiyo Tosho), a private version of “Venus with a Collar,” “My Image Art Book,” and “Onna Dog Picture Book,” and in 2010, “Lyrics” was serialized in “S&M Sniper.” “The back roads of nursery rhymes picture book” was published as a private collection of poems and paintings “Sad adult lullabies”.
He has had solo and group exhibitions at Vanilla Gallery, Ranpoº, Café Myrtle, and the Erotic Museum (Paris).

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