EIMI’S anARTOMY 102 – Eimi Suzuki


Published by Atelier Third – 2019 – Japan

18 x 25 cm – 64 pages in colours – Hard cover

Artist Suzukiami, who pursues new beauty in a narrow distance between painting and collage.

The first work collection of authors who create an anatomical and clinical aesthetic world by combining masterpieces and more.

“Beauty is the essence of the body, the essence of the body is death”

The image synthesis is is like a blast
Aesthetical Bug
Like a naughty dreamy of a sleeping land
Grace was the most sophisticated malicious wish?
Kyoichi Toshi (Editor).

My eye nerve intertwined with her world as you flip the page.
Information that flows through your senses is
It’s like a gentle and rough kiss.
Q-TA (Collage Artist)

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