MAMA – Takashi Itsuki


Published by Keisei Comics – 1975 – Japan 1

5 x 21 cm – 130 pages in b&w – soft cover with dust jacket

For Mature Audience Only

From Trevor Brown artblog :

“This artist came to my attention from a copy of bizarre magazine (japanese fetish magazine, not the juvenile humour uk/usa mag or the classic john willie one) from around 1990, sent to me by Masami Akita – a five page gallery of a series of 13 drawings of “amputee robot doll bondage” as previewed on the baby art blog last week – the drawings made in 1986, pre-dating the gothic lolita look (straight cut bangs, oversized bows etc) by at least a decade! – quite influential for me as you can see, for example, by my wheelchair amputee girl – i pushed masami akita for more information about the artist but he was fairly dismissive just saying he’s done some manga but they’re no good – hmmm, i think he just hates anything otaku, period: anime and manga are all spurned as rubbish – slightly spurious coming from someone who kinda fits an otaku archetype? – ha, bet i’ll be hated for saying this?! – anyway, the drawings re-found recently while throwing out old books – a bit of googling revealed the artist is (and maybe was) pretty much unknown and unpopular and now forgotten – no doubt almost completely unknown outside japan, even amongst the undergound manga fixated japanophiles – yay! A BABY ART EXCLUSIVE!!! – i thought i’d hold back from mentioning the artist’s name to stop anyone now fighting to get hold of his books before i could quietly acquire them myself! – but too late! – my post was reprinted on a very popular japanese art blog yesterday – so now it’s going tp be impossible to get his manga for a while i suspect – at least i managed to get one (which could be his best?) before my bubble popped – …sigh!… “

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