MARC & MAMBAS T – Val Denham


Produced by Timeless Ed. – 2018 – France

Printed on Gildan Tshirts.

“Okay, so I was persuaded after 37 years to do a Marc & the Mambas T shirt. Or rather use an old image from a little programme for a concert given by Marc Almond and his Mambas. The original concert was at The Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, December 5th, 1982 and Marc called it “A Little Black Evening”. It’s a snake or mamba headed Marc eating a record. Why? Because I wasn’t right in my bleedin’ head at the time. Unlike now, of course when I am very sane indeed.”Val Denham, 2019Very limited stock!SHIPPING RESTARTS MAY 13 – PREODERS TAKEN NOW (LAST RUN)

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