Published by Timeless Ed. – 2016 – France

22 x 29 cm – 84 pages in colours and b&w – Hardcover

Do you know this thing called the “internet”? If you do, you will have met Gea’s girls! These little playful minxes. Her art is the door to the most innocently perverse world you are ever likely to enter. Timeless is proud to give you the first monograph of pure unadulterated Gea – “Penetralia”, 84 pages printed in full glorious colour on luxurious 150gr Condat matte coated paper all wrapped up in a virgin white Popset cover adorned with a touchy-feely embossed blood-red Gea. The book is limited to 300 copies and features a few words by J.G.Thirlwell and Guy Maddin plus a visual tribute/portrait by that arch-perverter of dollies himself,

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