CONTAGIOUS MAGICK OF THE SUPER ABUNDANCE (current edition) – Ian Johnstone


Published by Timeless Edition – 2019 – France

21 x 28 cm – 192 pages in colours – Hardcover

A full colour artbook compiled under the aegis of Ian’s long-time friend and partner Mikel. The book collects all of his major visual art, arguably the best examples of which have rarely been on public display, early oft-times humorous sketches, extensive photo documentation of and an essay on his performance work, his cover art (most notably for COIL) and tattoo designs, Also included are the 23 Stab Wounds of Julius Caesar in all their permutations. A few peeks into his private life including unseen photos with his one-time partner John Balance aa well as essays on the man and his work by Julie Travis, Serena Korda and Mikel.

Limited to 400 copies.



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