Published by Timeless Ed. – 2018 – France

This is a limited edition print of 70 copies only combining pigment based-inks with high quality archival quality paper 250 gr.Size: 30 x 40 cm , stamped and authenticated with Ian Johnstone’s sigill.

Print of an inspiring untitled and little known artwork of shapes devouring each other by the late Ian Johnstone, sourced from his original enigmatic artwork.

A share of the profits will go to Greenpeace, an organisation very close to Ian’s green heart and the rest of the money going towards further projects in what we hope will become an ongoing series documenting many facets of his unbound-by-genre-or-rules oeuvre.

Since his untimely, unexpected and shocking departure in 2015, interest in Ian’s work beyond the well-documented cover art and the almost equally ubiquituous “23 Stab Wounds” series of drawings has been ever-increasing .

We hope to start filling in some gaps, beginning with this print, slightly reminiscent in style but definitely surpassing the art Ian created for Coil’s “Black Antlers” release.

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