DDT – Suehiro Maruo


Published by Seirindō – 1995 – Japan
15 x 21 cm – 176 pages in b&w and colours – Soft cover with dust jacket

Mint condition

Edition in Japanese language

DDT collects short stories by Suehiro Maruo from the early 1980s, arguably the author’s most creative period. These new comics allow Maruo to give free rein to his imagination: funny and absurd, always filled with references – notably to surrealism and German expressionism – they deal with rape, murder and incest. And despite the horror and morbidity, a certain romanticism emerges, each board being able to be contemplated as a work of art in its own right. Between voyeurism and curiosity for the disastrous fate of the characters, we enter as if trapped in the fascinating universe of Maruo.

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