IN TOO DEEP – Carl Abrahamsson


Trapart Books – 2021 – Sweden

20 x 27 cm – 218 pages in color and b&w – Paperback,

Swedish author Carl Abrahamsson traveled to Las Vegas and the annual “Adult Entertainment Expo” between 1995 and 2010. He met porn stars, producers, fans, and an assortment of weird people. This book collects his mind-boggling snapshot portraits of people in the adult industry: famous as well as infamous. It’s a colourful bonanza of weirdness and beauty, of humility and hubris, of voyeurism and exhibitionism, of despair and excitement. Get ready for an absolutely unforgettable and wild ride to smut-land!

“What the hell was I really doing there? I quickly realised that I’m an ambitious voyeur more than anything else. The cameras have been my protection against an incomprehensible and threatening world. And, as I now realised, against hundreds of porn stars.” – Carl Abrahamsson

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