THE TRAPARTISAN REVIEW Issue no 1 (hardcover ed.)


Trapart Books – 2022.- Sweden

20 x 27 cm – 196 pages in full colour – Hardbound

The Trapartisan Review welcomes you to enjoy unique works of art created by a number of highly talented contemporary and international painters, writers, photographers, poets, performance- and collage artists, etc, jointly assembling a strong and elegant bouquet of timeless expressions for your pleasure and inspiration. This first issue contains contributions by Jason Atomic, Hector Domiane, Val Denham, Johan Hamrin, Billy Chainsaw, Andreas Kalliaridis, Jordi Valls, Peter Köhler, Nicolas Ballet, Carl Michael von Hausswolff, Carl Abrahamsson, Anna Sebastian, Gabriella Eriksson, Karl Max Fredriksson, Vanessa Sinclair, Susana Vico Valero, Jake Kobrin, Tom Banger, Tim Pewe, Gunner Wright, Sean Bonner, Charlotte Rodgers, Annsofie Jonsson, Jason Haaf, Hazel Cline, Ruby Ray, Lars Sundestrand, Åsa Ersmark, Nestor Povarnin, Hannah Haddix, Sergey Martyn, Gustaf Broms, MV Carbon, Steven Cline, Paul Bee Hampshire, Christopher Mealie, Gabriela Herstik, and Tom Benson.

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