RABBIT – Ian Johnstone

2 200,00

Original artwork : acylic painting on wood in a golden frame handmade by the artist.

Measurements of the artwork : 27 x 53 cm

Size of the frame : 30 x 58 cm

Signed by the artist on the font of the artwork

Annoted on the reverse by the artist: “To Geff with all love – Ian xx

Rabbit” another fine example of Ian Johnstone’s meditations on the natural world and its inhabitants, a Black Egg visavis a White Rabbit.
A symbol of fertility and futility executed in sperm (not really). Alice in Acidland.
Posthumously used as the cover for Laniakea‘s fine first album “A pot of powdered nettles

Artwork reproduced in the Ian Johnstone monograph CONTAGIOUS MAGICK OF THE SUPER ABUNDANCE.

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