KASUTORU SHIKI – Shintaro Kago


Published by Ohta Shuppan – 2004 – Japan

15 x 21 cm – 206 pages in colours and b&w- soft cover with dust jacket + OBE

Mint condition

Edition in Japanese language

This one includes his famous and excellent “ABSTRACTION” story.

A collection of short stories:

1. Oral Cavity Infectious Syndrome
On the surreal premise that women’s mouths take the often weird shape of their partner’s penis, Yoriko starts an investigation to discover with whom her boyfriend is cheating.

2. Local Tourist Information
A guide to an extraterritorial region of Japan.

3. Back Streets in Front of the Station
A girl goes crazy about reverse sides of different things, including streets, cars, and animals.

4. Genesis
Kago Shintarou’s rendition of the Book of Genesis.

5. Superglue
What happens when you step on something so disgusting that you never want to uncover it?

6. Akutagawa in Front of the Station
A surreal homage to the writings of Ryunosuke Akutagawa.

7. When All’s Said and Done – also included in Hell Season
A gruesome tale of hardened faeces, and a limbless girl.

8. Multiplication
Comic panels are multiplying and create opposing clans.

9. Abstraction
A two dimensional comic about young lovers turns 3D causing the characters’ bodies to deform.

10. Blow-Up
What happens when every comic page features exponentionally more panels than the previous one?

11. No Need for Caution
The action of the comic happens outside of the panels–literally–in the white space.

12. The Memories of Others
Everyone’s memories become visible via floating comic book panels.

13. Lord of the Ring
An incompetent sumo wrestler uses the powers of a forbidden pair of pants to overcome and shame his competition, until one day someone rises to attempt to crush him and take the pants for himself.

14. Spinning Thoughts
Wearing urinary calculi is the latest fashion trend.

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