Published by Otha Books – 2016 – Japan

15 x 21 cm – 220 pages in b&w – soft cover with dust jacket

Mint condition

Edition in Japanese language

This is a guro book featuring lots of violence and gore, including some cannibalism. It’s not really hentai, but it does have some sex thrown in here and there, mostly rape. It’s set in feudal japan and its central character is an insane sadistic princess with a elite unit of special “hair” ninjas. She gets reckless and draws the attention of the Shogun which leads to a huge clash. Fun book with some grim humor, very graphic and has some disgusting stuff so not for the feint of heart. Some of the contents include torture, lobotomies, cannibalism, warfare, ninja combat, and a “Hell” amusement park. Featuring guest appearances by Jesus, and a clan of ninja descended from Moses!

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