Published by Eiwa Publishing – 1997 – Japan

18 x 25.5 cm – 164 pages in colours – soft cover

This is the very first issue of this hard to find “smutty” japanese magazine from the PARANOIA serie that Trevor Brown described very well in one of his post :

“Once upon a time there used to be great japanese smutty magazines – 150-200 pages chock-full of colour photos and nothing else – nowadays typically half those pages are replaced by a thick wedge of board containing a “bonus” dvd (cover price is increased for this “freebie”) – the rest of the pages merely being screenshots and no real content – pure spam – anyway, just found the above book in the remainder bookstores which harks back to better times – it’s a compilation of images (slightly different selection) from a bimonthly magazine that came out in 1997 during the (mostly underground) surge of interest in (ero)grotesque things – contents ranged from Romain Slocombesque bandaged dolls to rape/lustmurder scenarios, photography by Fuiji Akio (of Kinbiken), stills from Masami Akita (Merzbow) harakiri films, doggie play and other paraphillic porno delights (transexual, fat, geriatric…) – too good to last of course, the magazine folded after just three issues – and even those were almost immediately being remaindered (ie: on sale for a third of the cover price – in the publisher’s attempt to recoup his losses or simply make space in his stockroom) – sadly it’s unlikely anything like this will ever appear again…” Trevor Brown

Strictly for a mature audience only and not for the fainted heart

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